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The below are real testimonials and Forever Flawless reviews we received from customers regarding their experience with the Forever Flawless line. These testimonials are not edited and are published as we received them. To see more live feedback you are also welcome to review our Facebook and Twitter pages where people are sharing their experiences on an ongoing basis.

  • Hi There, We met in Las Vegas about 2 weeks ago, in the Flamingo Forever Flawless store. I'm a Mary Kay Consultant of 24 years, and you demonstrated an eye product that had an instant Botox-like effect around my eye area, followed by the Black Diamond Moisturizer. The effects were stunning, and I was thinking of trying it out. Can you contact me and let me know more about the product line? My right eye (the one you worked with) stayed smooth for almost a week, and was noticeably different from the left. Thank you!”

    Peggy, MN
  • Hello, this is the crazy, blond, woman from Wednesday. I just want to thank you again for your kindness. I really think I am going to like your products. I have never thought that I would use diamonds on my face, and that they would actually make such a difference. Please know what a blessing you are and I am so glad I met you. Have a wonderful day".

    Linda, Missouri
  • Aloha! I am back in Hawaii and went to my naturopath the day after I arrived and he looked at me and asked me what I had done??? Had I had a face lift??? How funny is that? Very cool, I say. My friend was also interested in the diamond product. After years of trying a bunch of products, I think I might just found the one that really works. thank you for introducing me to the Forever Flawless line".

    Darlene, Honolulu
  • I use this Forever Flawless line and was skeptical when I first saw it in Vegas while on vacation. NO regrets!!! The salesman told me "It will make your face like baby!!!" It wasn't a lie!!! All their products are great!!!! Any skin problems, don't hesitate to get this stuff!!!!"

    Courtney, Pennsylvania
  • After four days of using these amazing products, my skin has done a complete turnaround! My skin looks great and is blemish free! Thank you!!"

    Shelly, Texas

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The below authentic images clearly show the significant and noticeable improvements one can achieve with using the Forever Flawless line. The images clearly show a reduction if wrinkles and fine lines and improvement in the skin's overall look and texture. Who doesn't want to be Forever Flawless?